A Map of San Francisco Libraries

dsc07697ME(め) presents “ A Map of San Francisco Libraries –more than just books -” is our love letter to all public libraries! This is our third zine in our fukuroto-zine series! This zine features 6 San Francisco Public Library branches visited by M and E and includes things they observed….from recently returned books/DVD’s,  librarian-made signs, and more! We hope this zine makes you want to stop by your public library soon!


dsc07717   dsc07727      dsc07734   dsc07720   Choose from our dark blue and brown covers for this zine! Each zine is hand sewn by M & E! Bonus: the back of the zine is designed to be a postcard, so buy extra copies to send to your family, friends, or local librarian!

Our fukuroto-zine series is a unique zine method inspired by magazines found in Japan. To figure out how to open our zines, visit our page here.



dsc07738Where can I get my own copy?! ME(め)zineがほしい、という方はこちら

ME(め) presents: A Map of San Francisco Libraries –more than just books–
Copyright © 2016 by Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida. All rights reserved. Printed and assembled in San Francisco. First Edition.