DSC_0234ME(め) zine is the first of many projects we are working on!

A Map of San Francisco Tea – Not Just Tea Bags – (published on March 1st, 2016)

A Map of San Francisco Pizza – Because…why not? – (published on May 1st, 2016)

A Map of San Francisco Libraries – more than just books – (published on December 10th, 2016)

A Map of San Francisco Grocery Stores – a city of micro-food cultures – (published on April 20th, 2017)

A Map of San Francisco Ice Cream – the perfect dessert for a foggy summer day – (published on August 18th, 2017)

We use a Fukuroto-zine method in our zines!

What is Fukuroto-zine? 

Fukuroto-zine (adj.) [fu-koo-roh-to-ZINE]

  1. A method of zine-binding inspired by magazines found in Japan.
  2. The plan or design based on slicing/cutting open the fukuro(cover/bag) to access zine contents.


1. 日本の雑誌でみられる袋とじのメソッドを使ったzine
2. キリトリ線に沿って定規やカードを使ってあける

More about Fukuroto-zine and the instruction. 開け方やたたみ方はこちら