Harry Potter and American Politics

This zine was drawn and printed in less than a month and influenced by our frustration towards the current administration. As funding for the arts were getting slashed, M escaped by reading Harry Potter and saw many (scary) parallels between the real world and the wizarding world. This acknowledgement morphed into a therapeutic project that gave her the chance to unwind at home and create something with my hands.

We are by no means political experts and did not create this zine to intentionally anger people (!!) The primary goal of this project was to give people a chance to reflect and (hopefully) smile.

このHarry Potter and American Politics は現在の政権に対するフラストレーションから生まれました。芸術文化への助成が減らされると聞き、そんな現実から逃げるようにMはハリーポッターの世界へ没頭していきました。そこからみえてきたのは、魔法の世界と現実のあいだに多くの類似点があるということでした。二つを比べzineにするという、モノづくりを通して客観的に現実をとらえるとともに、厳しい現実に怒りや悲しみではなく笑いをもたらすことができたらなと思っています。We would also like to note that this zine was created in January and printed in February 2017. The current administration has faced many structural changes since then. (It’s hard to keep up.) また、初版は2017年の1月に作られ2月に印刷されているので、その時からいくつかの政権体制の変更がありました。

This zine was created using scissors, glue stickers, and kuratake pens. Resources included The Atlantic and Harry Potter books. Kindly edited by K and (the other) E.

ME(め) presents: Harry Potter and American Politics
Copyright © 2017 by Mariko Baba & Eishin Yoshida. All rights reserved. Published in San Francisco.