dsc08084Have you visited us at our booth during San Francisco Zine Fest and East Bay Alternative Zine Fest (EBABZ)? We usually have a Daruma doll chilling at our table. In Japan, Daruma dolls are rich in symbolism and represent perseverance, luck, and encouragement. But we usually bring him for good vibes and because he’s adorable.

Zine Festに参加するときにいつも連れて行く、だるま。縁起物としてしられていますが、私たちもこのだるまによってさまざまなイベントへの参加を成功に収めてきました!今回はこのME(め)特製だるまをシルクスクリーンの版にすることで、だるま愛をぜひ広めたいと思っています。今回はちょっとそこまで用トート、ポストカード、そして手ぬぐいに、赤色のシルクスクリーンを施しました。16295423_10211954558278116_1242174118_n

dsc07931We wanted to spread the love by creating a silkscreen design featuring our daruma friend. (Note that “ME(め)” is written on his stomach!) Choose from our Conbini Tote, Daruma Postcards, and Tenugui. This daruma design was drawn and designed by E, and silkscreened by ME(め)! Each item is hand silkscreened using red ink.

Daruma – Conbini Tote

dsc07916Convenience stores in Japan (a.k.a conbini) are everywhere. Especially in Tokyo, E’s home/M’s second home! This tote bag is the perfect size to bring on a quick run to the conbini…so we’ve dubbed it the Conbini Tote! This tote will fit your wallet, keys, a few onigiri (maybe a bento if you’re hungry), and some snacks (because a conbini run isn’t complete with snacks). It’s the tote you use for lunches you bring to work, or for a short walk around your local park. Our cute ME(め) daruma will watch your back wherever you go!


Material: Cotton with Nylon handles
Color: Natural
Size: 8″ X 8″
Number of prints: 12
Date of birth: January 22nd, 2017
Each item is hand silkscreened by ME(め)

Daruma – Postcards

16295494_10211954557438095_1714842708_nWe printed on thick double-sided paper, one side is egg-shell colored and the otherside is grey. We printed our daruma design in red ink on the egg-shell colored side! This print is perfect for sending to friends and family or framing/hanging in your room!


Size: 100×148㎜
Number of prints: 13
Date of birth: January 22nd, 2017
Each item is hand silkscreened by ME(め)

Daruma – Tenugui

16244509_10211954557678101_1471206016_nTenugui are a type of traditional long, horizontal Japanese towel. They can be used for various purposes from covering heads (in Japanese marshal arts form kendo), drying hands/bodies, for display, or even to wrap gifts! USE IT HOWEVER YOU WANT IT!


Material: Cotton
Size: 100×34cm
Number of prints: 5
Date of birth: January 22nd, 2017
Each item is hand silkscreened by ME(め)