ME(め) dayori

This started as an inter-office email mailing list we started in hopes of promoting communication at work. This idea got vetoed (oh well) so we ME(め)-ified it.

We started it as a joke between us (and a few other people) with initial mailing list consisting of lists with columns like “Things that annoy us” or “The 10 commandments of ME(め)”.

It had been about one year since we both started working together and creating zines, and in the back of our minds, I think we knew we wanted to create something that encompassed our year’s work. That’s when the dayori/newsletter idea came into play. It was the perfect way to start a new project series with a bang.The ME(め) DAYORI series will include things about us. Our first volume is dedicated to the projects we accomplished this year. Again, we printed  this at RetroJAM in Japan! (Special thanks to M’s cousin for bringing it to California!)

ME(め)だよりは不定期で発行するニュースレターです。最初の号では活動をはじめた2016年のきろくをまとめました。どんなプロジェクトをしたのかをはじめ、創作していく中で起こった珍事件や裏エピソードなども盛り込んでいます。レトロ印刷の2色使いにチャレンジ!Mのいとこに運んできてもらいました ;)We’re not putting a price tag on this, it’s our thanks to everyone, so keep an eye out for our little newsletter! :) ちなみに、ME(め)だよりはいつもサポートしてくれるみなさんへ、感謝の気持ちをこめて配ることにしました。どこかで見かけたらゲットしてみてください!

ME(め) dayori – Vol.1
Copyright © 2017 by Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida. All rights reserved. Illustrated and designed in San Francisco by ME(め). Printed in Japan. 2017年1月第1刷発行|著者:馬場真莉子、芳田詠心|発行:ME(め)