A Year of Food Celebrations

Our “A Year of Food Celebrations – postcards celebrating national food-related holidays -” is a postcard series featuring 12 national food holidays for every month of the year.

このたび「A Year of Food Celebrations」が完成しました!これは毎月1つ、全部で12の「食」にちなんだ日をお祝いするポストカードセットです。

This postcard set will be made available in two colors! (Choose wisely…or choose both!) It also includes a cover (with a 2018 calendar on the back) and 12 individual postcards for you to send to your friends and family. We hope you write and celebrate these wonderful food holidays with us throughout the year :)


We were initially intent on creating a 2018 calendar series (similar to our 2017 calendar we made last year), but got sidetracked this one day we had kimchi nabe (hot pot) night on NATIONAL PIZZA DAY. (A travesty, but no regrets.)

The next day we looked up to see if other national food holidays existed (and wow there is a lot), and that’s how the seeds of this ideas were planted. The postcard-series aspect came into play when M realized she had forgotten to send her dad a father’s day card and thought the world would be better/convenient if there was a postcard set of all the important holidays of the year in one box.

As many of you know, food is very important to us, so these two ideas mashed together and resulted in this wonderful project. This set includes everything from National Beer Day and National Cheese Lover’s Day! (We had a lot of fun deciding which food holidays to pick and even more fun drawing & designing it.)

ME(め) presents: A Year of Food Celebration – postcards celebrating national food-related holidays –
Copyright © 2017 by Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida. All rights reserved. Printed in San Francisco.
Illustrated and designed by Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida.