2017 Recipe Calendar

DSC_0316DSC_0320Our 2017 Recipe Calendar is our first ever calendar zine featuring seasonal recipes for you to cook, eat, and enjoy throughout the year!

This calendar showcases recipes that have been altered and adjusted over the years by M with comments by taste-tester E! This calendar is includes U.S. and Japanese holidays, as well as our birthdays so you don’t forget! :)

初!ME(め)カレンダーが完成しました!2017年はMが試行錯誤を重ねて生み出したオリジナル・レシピを季節にあわせて紹介!実際に味見をしたEのコメント付き。日本と米国の休日、そしてMとEの誕生日の入ったスペシャル・カレンダーです。DSC_0323We’re also pleased to announce that this calendar makes an awesome coloring book.

*Story time!*

Our time in the zine world has been a whirlwind of a journey. We literally met in October 2015 and started brainstorming the idea of making zines in December 2015. We had a lot of ideas and a great habit of never saying anything was impossible.

Our first bigger project we fantasized about creating was a calendar about food. (We knew it was going to center around food…somehow). We took inspiration from everything around us (like a calendar we saw hanging at Tartine) and started setting the ground works to make this project happen.

It took us a good few months to plan all the meals, find time to sit and eat them, and then ultimately start turning this calendar idea into reality.

But we did it! We hope you enjoy using this calendar more than we had fun making it.


このカレンダーはその中でも初期にでたアイディアで、制作にたくさんの時間を費やしました。漠然とカレンダーを作ろうというアイディアからはじまり、日常の生活の中でコアな部分となっている「食」をどう盛り込むかブレインストーミング。そして暇さえあればキッチンに立つMarikoのオリジナルレシピにしよう!という案にたどり着きました。そこから、料理、スケッチ、デザイン、そして最後の印刷屋さんとのやりとりまで、いろんなハプニングがあったりと、とても思い入れのある作品です。ぜひキッチンや冷蔵庫、またはデスクやトイレなど、2017年の日常の一部に置いて12ヶ月じっくり味わってください :)

ME(め) presents: 2017 Recipe Calendar
Copyright © 2016 by Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida. All rights reserved. Printed in San Francisco. First Edition.