Oakland Print Fair 2017!


We are excited to announce that we will be taking part in the Oakland Print Fair (OPF) this year! This two-day festival is free and open to the public from Saturday, October 14 through Sunday, October 15 at Oakland’s FLAX store.

This will be our first print event we have taken part in (!!!) We dropped off our prints earlier this week and hope people are able to make it out to Oakland and check out some of our prints and our newest project featuring local California beer!

Our line-up for OPF is:

Beer Poster (riso, printed in SF by colpa press)
BART Postcard (riso and printed in Japan)
MUNI Postcard (riso and printed in Japan)
SF Gocha Print (silkscreen printed by us)
Daruma (silkscreen, printed by us)
Hato (pigeon) (silkscreen, printed by us)

We have a few more zine and print-related projects we hope to get working on now fall has finally begun!

-Mariko and Eishin


Kiosk Fest and SFZF 2017!

We are so very excited to say that we will be exhibiting at Kiosk Fest 2017 on Saturday, September 2nd and San Francisco Zine Fest 2017 on Sunday, September 3rd!

Since participating last year, we have worked on several projects that we’re excited to have at our booth. Not only will there be new projects, but we will also have second edition printings of some of our previously sold-out zines as well– SO BE EXCITED!

Our line-up for this year’s festival is kiiiinda cra—zy, so here are some highlights of our latest zines/projects we personally are looking forward to having at our booth this year:

A Map of San Francisco Ice Cream (NEW!), A Map of San Francisco Tea & Pizza (SECOND PRINT!!), Harry Potter & American Politics (YES!), A Year of Food Celebrations (NEW!!!) MUNI/BART Postcards and Silkscreened tote bags (SF GOCHA) :DDD —-See our full line-up @mariko.eishin!

We also have some wonderful last minute additions including a new zine published by our friend in Tokyo! “My Friendly Beast” was drawn and assembled by Shibaminoru, designed by E, and translate by M. This is our first collaborative zine project. We had a lot of fun and hope you too find your friendly beast soon.

In response to our wtf feelings towards the current administration, we also created a “Steve Bannon’s Horcrux” zine we hope to give out to people who get our “Harry Potter & American Politics Zine”. Created within 48 hours after he quit/resigned/left the White House.


-Mariko and Eishin

An Array of Projects

Despite a lot of personal/work/bleh stuff happening in our lives, this is just a brief update on some of the projects we’ve done since the start of this year.
Our first project of this year was our dayori project. This was a cathartic way for us to start the year, giving us time to reflect and look at the work we had done in the last year. We wanted to get this printed in Japan (prettier paper and ink) so we timed our order to match with M’s cousin and grandparents visit to San Francisco in February.
Our second project was a spur-of-the-moment zine resulting from M’s love for Harry Potter and our collective annoyance towards the current political administration. This project further proved that the act of creating (whether it be poster signs or zines) is the most therapeutic thing of all.
We also are excited to share that our “A Map of San Francisco Grocery Stores” is printed! This will be our fourth zine in our fukurotozine series. We are now in the midst of finding time to fold and sew them….

Fear not! We’re still growing! Our frustrations come from having great ideas and not having the time to implement them. We’re working on a few projects now, but we’re really excited about one project that WE SHALL KEEP SECRET until we solidify our plans and ideas. It may or may not involve food. :)

-Mariko and Eishin

Silkscreening Galore

This blog post is a tad late, but we updated our project section to feature our latest project: silkscreening!


I can’t exactly remember the exact moment we realized we wanted to try silkscreening, but like most of our projects this silkscreening event was a swirl/tornado of our creative energy.

We first searched for local places in the Bay Area we could learn and actually do silkscreening, but ultimately chose to order a silkscreen kit from Japan. This decision narrowed our timeline a bit because we now only had a few months to not only think of a design, but also draw and order the design before I went to Tokyo in November, 2016.


dsc07940 dsc08071dsc07771This was also in junction with designing and ordering of prints for our MUNI and BART postcards –so it really was a crazy storm of back-and-forth idea exchange, drawing, and finalization, but we did it!

それと同時期にMUNI/BARTポストカードの作成/注文をしたので、秋は意見の交換からデザイン作業まで盛りだくさんな日々でした。すべて無事に手元にとどき、わくわくしたのを昨日のことのように思い出します。ぜひ、それぞれのページで写真等ご覧ください :)

dsc08022Fun fact: We used Sharpie to draw our silkscreen designs.

SF Gocha



dayy 13!

img_7750day 13! It’s been a while since I started to volunteer at The Grand Newsstand. It is always good to be here – read zines from amazing artists and make new friends! It was slow and not much crowded Sunday. Said hi to our neighbor and was working on our new zine! Lots work done! Yay!


Redwood Black Dog by Amber von Nagel

img_7751  img_7752

著者がうつ病に向き合うために作成したzine。自らの経験を通して書き下ろしたRedwood とBlack Dogの2つのストーリーが入っている。すごく素直な文章。おなじ境遇のひとやその家族や友人におすすめ。イラストもかわいい。