ME(め) consists of 415/510 based humans: Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida. We enjoy focusing on the day-to-day observations of life. ME or め (pronounced meh) means “eye” in Japanese which ties with our observation-centric zines.


About M and E

2016 Baby PhotoMariko goes by Michelle (at coffee/tea shops) and has chapsticks hidden in all her coats and bags. Born and raised in California, Mariko is Japanese-American and attended college in Tokyo, where she failed at becoming fluent in Japanese. She now lives in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco’s Sunset District and enjoys reading, drinking tea, and cooking/baking/eating.


IMG_2253Eishin goes by Cindy (at coffee/tea shops) and has the blessed power of finding parking spots anywhere. Born and raised in Tokyo, Eishin is Taiwanese-Japanese who can’t speak Mandarin. She attended graduate school in New York’s New School where she majored in Media Studies. She now lives in the beautiful state of California where she enjoys nature walks, drinking tea, and observing the lives and conversations surrounding her.



[ENG by M, JPN by E]