An Array of Projects

Despite a lot of personal/work/bleh stuff happening in our lives, this is just a brief update on some of the projects we’ve done since the start of this year.
Our first project of this year was our dayori project. This was a cathartic way for us to start the year, giving us time to reflect and look at the work we had done in the last year. We wanted to get this printed in Japan (prettier paper and ink) so we timed our order to match with M’s cousin and grandparents visit to San Francisco in February.
Our second project was a spur-of-the-moment zine resulting from M’s love for Harry Potter and our collective annoyance towards the current political administration. This project further proved that the act of creating (whether it be poster signs or zines) is the most therapeutic thing of all.
We also are excited to share that our “A Map of San Francisco Grocery Stores” is printed! This will be our fourth zine in our fukurotozine series. We are now in the midst of finding time to fold and sew them….

Fear not! We’re still growing! Our frustrations come from having great ideas and not having the time to implement them. We’re working on a few projects now, but we’re really excited about one project that WE SHALL KEEP SECRET until we solidify our plans and ideas. It may or may not involve food. :)

-Mariko and Eishin


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