Silkscreening Galore

This blog post is a tad late, but we updated our project section to feature our latest project: silkscreening!


I can’t exactly remember the exact moment we realized we wanted to try silkscreening, but like most of our projects this silkscreening event was a swirl/tornado of our creative energy.

We first searched for local places in the Bay Area we could learn and actually do silkscreening, but ultimately chose to order a silkscreen kit from Japan. This decision narrowed our timeline a bit because we now only had a few months to not only think of a design, but also draw and order the design before I went to Tokyo in November, 2016.


dsc07940 dsc08071dsc07771This was also in junction with designing and ordering of prints for our MUNI and BART postcards –so it really was a crazy storm of back-and-forth idea exchange, drawing, and finalization, but we did it!

それと同時期にMUNI/BARTポストカードの作成/注文をしたので、秋は意見の交換からデザイン作業まで盛りだくさんな日々でした。すべて無事に手元にとどき、わくわくしたのを昨日のことのように思い出します。ぜひ、それぞれのページで写真等ご覧ください :)

dsc08022Fun fact: We used Sharpie to draw our silkscreen designs.

SF Gocha




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