KIOSK FEST (7/23-24)!

ME(め) will be participating in KIOSK FEST this weekend (July 23-24)!

we will be selling our map zines:
1. A Map of San Francisco Tea – Not just tea bags –
2. A Map of San Francisco Pizza – Because…why not? –

We will be releasing a variety of uniquely designed-by-ME(め) buttons!

BONUS: We will also be giving out our newest (and smallest) zine “ALL ABOUT ME(め)” with a purchase of one of our map zines!
IMG_4193    IMG_4127

We will open ME(め) Library, a curated collection of books filled with notes and bookmarks by Mariko and Eishin. We invite people passing by to take a moment to stop, read, and learn the story behind each selected book. Feel free to jot down notes, stories, and drawings on post-its and stick them in the books as well!
Please stop by if you are in the bay area!

Saturday, July 23 – Sunday, July 24 10am – 6pm
Market Street from Embarcadero to 5th


今週末にサンフランシスコのマーケット街で行われるキオスク・フェスに参加します!これまでに発行した2つのzineに加えこのフェスでお披露目になるME(め)オリジナル缶バッチを販売!さらにはzineを購入してくださった方に最新作の小さなzine「All About ME(め)」をプレゼント!

また、ME(め) Library と題し2人がそれぞれの本棚から選書した本を集め、それにまつわるストーリーや付箋をつけて紹介します。ぜひ立ち寄って本を手にして、自らのおすすめやブックマークを付けていってください。




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