Day 4

Hello! I’m at The Grand Newsstand again! This is my first summer in San Francisco and I was surprised how chilly it is. Today is a bit warmer + sun is out, so perfect day to be outside! There are some new zines from last time. A old couple who owns an independent store in Minnesota stopped by and told me how they started their store – It was just a table! Now they are living in SF but it seems they wanted to read all of zines we have, so I told them to come back :)




HBD and ILY card by ARiBird

img_4355  img_4357 今日の1冊というか作品はこの小さいカードたち。専用の本棚もありニューススタンドのデスク上に置いてある。種類はHBDとILYがあり、それぞれHBD = Happy Birthday / ILY = I Love Youという意味。ひとあじ違ったカードを送りたいひとにおすすめ。


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