IMG_3688Hi this is Eishin again! I went to Seattle to see a documentary film, Project FUKUSHIMA! and Otomo Yoshihide’s solo performance last week. ALSO, as I always do when I go on trips, I visited museums and bookstores. Here are the zines I got from Left Bank Books and Elliott Bay Book Company:

シアトルに行ってきました!目的は『プロジェクトFUKUSHIMA!』の映画上映と大友良英さんのソロ・パフォーマンスでしたが、いつも旅先でするように、ローカルの美術館や本屋さんもまわってきました。Pike Public MarketにあるLeft Bank Booksと、Elliott Bay Book Companyで、どれするか迷いながらゲットしたzineたちがこちら:

IMG_3870– Debbie’s Story by Kelly Froh
– Bikram Addict by Eroyn Franklin
– Basic Paper Airplane by Joshua James Amberson
– 17 weddings by Robyn Jordan
– HEY LADY a quarterly: issue one YOKO ONO by Regina Schilling
– Songs of the IWW: to fan the flames of discontent by the Industrial Workers of the World
– The Angry Brigade 1967-1984 Documents and Chronology
– Skill Shot: Seattle’s Pinball zine

I’m in love with reading/buying/supporting local zine communities! :D



Left Bank Books
Left Bank Books
Elliott Bay Book Company

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