HELLO, WORLD. since we last published “a map of san francisco tea”, we’ve been working on the second part of our series:

 “ME(め)zine presents: a map of san francisco pizza -because…why not?-“

this zine features places to eat pizza from your why-is-it-still-tuesday moments to treat-yo-self days–because WHY NOT.

3月に発行した第1弾zineから2カ月という速さで、このたび第2弾「A Map of San Francisco Pizza -Because…why not?-」が完成しました!今号はME(め)のソウルフードであるピザ。手軽なものからご褒美ピザまで、サンフランシスコにあるお店を2人で巡りました。DSC_0175our next project will be going a different route, so we are really excited to see how it pans out! we will of course, keep you posted on updates!





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