hi everyone,

we are happy to share with ya’ll that our “a map of san francsico tea” has been traveling the world!

they have been sent as postcards across the united states (san francisco, new orleans, new york), canada, japan (tokyo, tottori, hokkaido) and just this week made it to beautiful island of bali, indonesia!


it’s been fun waking up in the morning and seeing our zines in the hands of friends, families, and loved ones all across the world. we’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported us. we really appreciate it :) THANK YOU.

ME(め)のTea zineが米国内をはじめ、カナダ、日本、そしてインドネシア・バリに届きはじめました!家族をはじめ、世界各国にいる友だちから「届いたよ!」という報告がくるたびに二人で喜んでいます。皆さんのサポートのおかげでMarikoとEishinは元気に活動してますので、 引き続きよろしくお願いします。



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