city. lights.

hi guys, so we have some exciting news.

six of our “a map of san francisco tea” are now available at san francisco’s city lights bookstore!IMG_3080IMG_3082City Lights Books
Address: 261 Columbus Avenue at Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133
Hours: Open daily 10 am to midnight

special thanks to city lights’ consignment buyer for giving our small production zine a chance!

in the meantime, we’ve  (ie designer mastermind eishin) been in the process of designing our second zine and hope to have a first print by may 1st. we’ll, of course, keep you guys posted :)

in the meantime, follow us on instagram for picture updates!

IMG_3083なんと!あのサンフランシスコの老舗書店「City Lights Books」にME(め)zine: A Map of San Francisco Tea」が並びました!:D 第2弾も5月の発行をめざし、絶賛作成中ですのでどうぞお楽しみにー!



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