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We just wanted to check in and tell you guys we found our first home in San Francisco for our zines! Our “A Map of San Francisco Tea” will be available at The Grand Newsstand. It is the kiosk located near the Ferry Building on Market and Steaurt! Bonus: The Grand Newsstand is located right by the Philz, so stop by for fun reading material with your drink! :)

SFでの最初のホームにA Map of San Franciscoを届けてきました!観光地としても有名なフェリー・ビルディングの近く、マーケット街にあるニューススタンドを使った「The Grand Newsstand」でゲットできます。このキオスクではZine(じん)を中心としたインディペンデント出版物やカードなどを販売していて、古いニューススタンドを使った新しい試みをしています。

IMG_2726The Grand Newsstand
Market St & Steuart St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Open 10-6 Mon, Wed-Sat / Closed Tue, Sun

We hope you enjoy our zines as much as we had fun creating them! We’re starting research for our next project this week. It’ll be centered around the best food in the world: PIZZUH. Needless to say: we are very excited and we hope you are too.



P.S. We’ll also be announcing where our zines will be available in Japan…soon!


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