How to open and fold Fukuroto-zine

DSC_0016Fukuroto-zine (adj.) [fu-koo-roh-to-ZINE]

  1. A method of zine-binding inspired by magazines found in Japan.
  2. The plan or design based on slicing/cutting open the fukuro(cover/bag) to access zine contents.


1. 日本の雑誌でみられる袋とじのメソッドを使ったzine
2. キリトリ線に沿って定規やカードを使ってあける

How to open Fukuroto-zine: 

Cut along the bottom fold and only through the construction paper!DSC_0018   DSC_0020 DSC_0021   DSC_0028  DSC_0030   DSC_0032DSC_0033   DSC_0035

How to fold:

DSC_0037   DSC_0039DSC_0041   DSC_0042DSC_0043   DSC_0044

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